Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Bike the Gap - Day 3

We biked 40 miles from Ohiopyle to Meyersdale on day three of our trip.

And as you can see from this elevation chart, it was an uphill climb the entire day.

When we got up Saturday morning, it was chilly and raining outside. 
We were not happy about that, so we had a nice, leisurely buffet breakfast.

By the time we set out, the rain had stopped. A huge blessing!

Aren't these guys cute!

Nancy said she can tell if a relationship is serious when the girl puts her hand on the guy's belly during a photo. That made me laugh.
We're 31 years of seriousness.

Butt break.

Selfie of the day.

Lunch was at this cute little place in Rockwood.

Enjoying a gorgeous view. 

We were so happy to arrive in Meyersdale for the evening! 
Our legs were spent.

A map in the visitor's center showed where everyone who came through the trail was from.
 Our region was so congested that I couldn't add one more pin.

Our lodging for the evening (Trailside B & B) was situated right next to a very active train track. It was so active that the B & B owner left a basket full of ear plugs for her guests.

The place was actually very charming.

After a nice dinner at Morguen Toole Company, those who could eat ice cream (all but me) 
ate ice cream.

Then we played two games of Farkle. Merry was the winner of both games.

And I was the loser. 
We look kind of tired.
 Probably because we were.

P.S. The Trooper award goes to Nancy. She managed to do this trip without her suitcase! Yes...Rite Aid sells wicking t-shirts and Dollar General sells underwear. And fortunately, she and I wear the same size bra, and bike shorts dry quickly when you set a hair dryer on them. She's my hero.

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