Monday, August 7, 2017

Bike the Gap - Day 1

We biked 32 miles from Pittsburgh to West Newton on day one of our trip.

Starting from the top of the First Avenue Parking Garage in downtown, we rode down to the street level and then found the trail.

We rode 17 miles just to get out of the city. The path was paved and scenic.
Every once in awhile we would pass a small waterfall along the trail. And each day, we took a group selfie.

We stopped in McKeesport at the Marina Cafe for lunch. This was the first of our fine dining experiences on the trip. We were introduced to Turner's Premium Iced Tea served in quart jugs.

Another stop was at the Boston (PA) visitor's center. We met two nice men who told us all about this little town before they wished us well on our journey.

Boston, PA

Any chance we could, we got off our saddles. During this break, we walked around the Old Dravo Methodist Church Cemetery which was established in 1824.

We slept at the Bright Morning B & B in West Newton the first night (in the second and third houses).

This is when Nancy realized she left her suitcase in her kitchen at home!