Sunday, July 9, 2017

Visit to Marion

Don and I drove to Marion on Friday to spend a couple of days with Katherine & Josh. They happened to be watching Lucy for Peter and Kendall who were on vacation. I was sooo excited to spend time with both puppies! They were entertainment in and of themselves. I never got tired of watching them.

Penny had a personality all her own. She spent her days trying to decide if she wanted to play with the puppies or run from them. She always had an out because she could fit through the slats in the gate and she could climb over the cardboard wall to her safe places.

Katherine was doing a great job training Roman and Lucy. They know how to "get in their place," "sit," "get down," and "stay." They were very eager learners - and they are only 11 weeks old.

Katherine captured this photo of Josh giving some loving behind the ears.

Penny slept in Don's lap for an hour while he read his book. She's not afraid of anyone.

The real reason we went to Marion was because I wanted to work the Farm Market with Katherine. We spent Friday baking and Saturday selling. It was a beautiful day.

I made some Rice Krispie treats to sell.

Lucy and Roman came to visit us around noon. We had more than one customer wanting to know if they were for sale. NO!

Don ate a cinnamon roll and an Oreo brownie while he was there. And Katherine made him pay for them!

After we left to go home, Peter and Kendall arrived to take their baby home. I know the Ruiz household, including Roman, will miss her. (Her favorite pose for sleeping).


  1. I just love your family. So much love and happiness. Nikki