Sunday, July 2, 2017

Out West

Daniel sent me some digital postcards from Beaver Creek. He and Heidi are out there on vacation, and the weather has been absolutely fabulous. They have been hiking and enjoying the scenery.

Their friends Jon and Chelsea went with them.

The mountains are so amazing!

If you climb high enough, you can still find snow in the summer.

So beautiful!

They came across some big critters.

And some little critters. 

A photographer's delight.

I bet they don't want to come home!

They went rafting through Glenwood Canyon and had a great time.

Mostly, the water was calm.

Except for the times they were under water.

And then there was the time they almost lost Heidi.

Daniel got some amazing photos at the rodeo, but you will have to wait until tomorrow to see the rest.

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