Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Mid-Century Matador Decor

I'm not sure what my mom thought about this Spanish matador bullfight tapestry when my dad brought it home to hang on the wall in our living room, but we four kids thought it was great!

It was so soft and velvety, sporting such an exciting scene. 

It was perfect decor for the mid-1960's. It's one of those things that brings back instant memories of my childhood. 

I was curious about this tapestry, so I Googled it. You can actually buy it right now on Ebay for about $50. It is described as a vintage mid-century Spanish Bullfight Matador Wall Tapestry.

You can also buy this very item on Etsy for $18 where it is described as coming from the "Kitsch Era" of decorating. For those of you who are not familiar with the term "kitsch" it means cheesy or tacky. It refers to art or other objects that appeal to popular or uncultivated taste because they are garish or overly sentimental. Kitschy things are considered by fashionable people to be ugly or in poor taste.

I'm quite sure my dad did not know he was being kitschy when he bought it to be the centerpiece of our home. Perhaps if HGTV had been invented then, he might have been more aware and saved us from the embarrassment of our garish decor.


  1. Did mom take that down at some point? I wonder what happened to it?

    1. I don't know! Can't remember what happened to it.