Monday, July 3, 2017

Beaver Creek Rodeo

Almost every Thursday night from June to August, you can watch a real live rodeo in Beaver Creek. We found out early on that this show is not for the faint of heart. Rodeo people are a special breed. They are tough as nails - from the 3-year-olds who strap on to sheep and ride around "Mutton Bustin" to the women who barrel race to the men who break their backs being kicked up in the air by Broncos.

Sometimes they fall off and get stomped on by horses or they get dragged around by one ankle still strapped in the stirrup. It brings tears to your eyes and you wonder why they do it. And you feel guilty for watching.

But they seem to love it, because they keep coming back.

The women's barrel racing is a little more civilized. No one gets kicked off a horse. 

But they still ride those horses like pros at high speeds around sharp corners. 
Great photos, Daniel!


  1. Wow, Daniel! Amazing photography! The 4th photo is my favorite.

  2. Thanks Aunt Carolyn! They were so much fun to shoot!