Sunday, June 25, 2017

Too Cute!

There's just too much cuteness going on in our family with the addition of two puppies and a kitten. All three of the new pets are at home with their families and everyone is doing their best to adjust.

First, let me introduce Josh & Katherine's new kitty, Penelope. She is a rescue kitty and right now weighs about two pounds. She is a Russian Blue who is not afraid of anything or anyone, which is good, because Roman came home to stay today.

I'd say Penny is pretty brave right here!

It might be the angle of the camera, but Roman looks like he is larger than Katherine, and he's only about 10 weeks old.

This is a more realistic photo to see his size. He is definitely larger than his sister, Lucy.

Lucy is doing great at Peter and Kendall's house. She is settling in after being home for two weeks.

Lucy slept a lot the first week or so because she was on some pain medication for her fractured leg.

This made it a little easier for Peter and Kendall to adjust. But now she's off her pills and I hear she is a little more lively! And not as snuggly. I got to meet her last Monday, and I can vouch for her adorability.

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  1. Cuteness overload!! I can't wait to meet them all!