Monday, May 15, 2017

Whatever Floats Your Goat

My friend Tammy was kind enough to let a group of us visit her backyard farm today. She's been raising goats since 2009, but in the last couple of years, she has downsized her herd. As her children have been growning up and leaving for college, she has less help in the barn. She recently had three litters of baby goats. Some of them were two weeks old and some were only born last Friday.

Heidi said that Tammy is leading her dream life. She sure loves animals! She would love to have a backyard farm, but I'm not sure Daniel is on board.

Visiting the farm today was really Pam's idea. She thinks the goats are adorable.

And she wanted Tim to see them too.

 I think he found a buddy.

This mama (named Pearl) had two boys in her litter. 

And this mama had one boy in her litter. She was very protective of him.

There's nothing like a baby goat! My favorite thing is when they hop on all fours.

This little golden one was Heidi's favorite.

This little black one didn't really like me because I made him go with me into the shade.

Tammy said this male goat likes to stand in the window of the barn.

Excuse me, but could I have a drink?

So adorable!

And we didn't want to go without saying hello to Tammy's Australian Shepherd, Jaxx.

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