Friday, May 5, 2017

The Apprentice

Peter and Kendall move in to their new house the end of this month, so they have been working hard to get a few things done before then. When they bought the house, I was so happy that all the walls had been freshly painted. I was thinking to myself, well, at least they won't ask me to paint (ha, ha). Not that I don't like to paint.

But they did not like the "tan" color that was on every wall in the house. What's not to like about tan? They wanted to paint every wall in the house colors other than tan. Of course I was happy to help.

I'm not sure how much painting experience Kendall has had, but she's pretty darn good. And I didn't have to teach her a thing. I think it just comes naturally to her. So we agreed, I would do most of the edging, and she would do most of the rolling.

So far, we have painted the downstairs living space, three bedrooms, the living room, a two-story foyer, and the upstairs hallway. And we did it in three days.

Right off the bat, I told them I was not going to paint the two-story foyer. I thought we would need help for that. But Kendall was one determined girl last Monday as you will see from the following photos. You can't tell from the pictures, but the color is Pixel White by Behr, and it is a really nice-looking shade of grey.

And she claims she is afraid of heights!


  1. Yikes! Nice work, Kendall. BTW, that's a cool ladder!

    1. Thanks Aunt Carolyn, Peter picked it out!