Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mother's Day Story - Peter

So the story of Peter's birth is perhaps the most funny. But it wasn't that funny for me at the time.

I was 35 years old (kind of getting up there). Katherine was five and Daniel was three. They were ready for a new member of the family. The novelty was almost too much for them. Of course we don't want to leave Don out of the picture. He was 37, but he didn't have to carry the baby.

Peter was born in the middle of July, and it was hot! For the last couple of weeks, I spent most of my time in the recliner in our family room, feet propped up, watching the unfolding drama of the O. J. Simpson murder case. And Don had to roll me in and out of our water bed.

The problem: Peter was a very large baby. Until he was born, we didn't know how large. The doctor was guessing around 9.5 pounds.

Now, Dr. Izanec was a great doctor, but he was not one to induce a baby. To prove this, I went to the hospital in false labor twice and he told me to go back home both times. The second time, I was just beside myself. I was so hysterical at the hospital that Don almost had to slap me.

The next day, I had a regular appointment with him. While I was waiting for him in the examining room, I started to cry. I got so worked up that by the time he came in, I was sobbing. Poor Dr. Izanec. I can't imagine the number of high hormonal cases he's had to deal with.

He calmly asked me what was the matter.!! Sob, sob, sob...

"OK," he said. You can go to the hospital right now and we will induce you. He was serious!

So I said,"But...I...can't!! Sob, sob, sob... My husband is in Chicago."

Well, that made Dr. Izanec mad..."What in the world is your husband doing in Chicago?"

Don was working, of course. I told him I didn't like it that he was in Chicago when I was three days overdue. But Don (the eternal optimist) insisted he could get back in a moment's notice. Was that true? I wanted to go to the hospital to have the baby, but who was going to bring my overnight bag?

So I told Dr. Izanec I would go in the next day. Surely Don could get home by then.

The next morning, I woke up at 6 a.m. and my water broke. That didn't happen with the other two babies, so I was surprised. I guess I didn't have to be induced. Mind over matter again.

This time, though, because I knew the baby was very large, and I was not in the sort of mind frame to push out a baby "naturally," I asked for an epidural. Well, that was not the picnic I thought it would be. So not worth it. It slowed things down. And you know I really wanted to have that baby!

The good news is that Peter was born healthy and happy and 10 lbs. 2 oz. on July 15.

He was a wonder in the nursery that day. As I stood by looking at him next to the other little squirts in their bassinets, I overheard a new father say, "Look at that one over there...he is a big one." I replied, "Yeah, he's mine." All mine.

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