Monday, May 22, 2017

More of Hocking Hills

There were so many great photos from our weekend that I have to share more today. On Saturday morning, Daniel and Heidi went out early in the morning to shoot some pictures while the light was at its best.
Heidi is really good at capturing the photographer!

Along with a family shot, we took photos of each couple.

Katherine & Josh

Peter & Kendall

Daniel & Heidi

Josh took some video of the trip. You should see how he leaps tall buildings.

Some of the amenities included a pool table and video game machine.

There was also a fire pit where we cooked S'mores and the kids asked Don some thought-provoking questions. For the most part, he came up with thoughtful answers.

The lodge (called Hickory Hill) was just so nice and relaxing!

It was big enough to sleep 18 people, and there were only 8 of us.

The last treat of the weekend for Don was a pan of Katherine's homemade cinnamon rolls. She stayed up half the night making them. He was in heaven at first bite.

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  1. Beautiful photos! Hope the weather cooperated.