Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Grilled Pizza

I've been dying to try this recipe I heard about on the Sorta Awesome podcast. Don was my willing guinea pig.

There are really only three required ingredients: Naan bread (comes in original, garlic and whole wheat), pizza sauce, and cheese. But you can add whatever toppings you like. I had some pepperoni on hand.

It came out perfectly. Don said, and I quote: "It tastes like pizza." He really did like it!

Grilled Pizza

Light your grill and let it warm up on medium heat.

Take the Naan bread out of the package. Brush some olive oil on the bottom of the bread.

Spread pizza sauce on Naan (not too much). Add any toppings you like. Sprinkle cheese on top.

Place on heated grill.

I turned the center burner off to give it indirect heat. I was afraid the bread would burn. Keep an eye on it because it cooks fast. Close the lid to get the cheese to melt, but open the lid every minute or so to see how it is doing. It took about 6 minutes.

This would be a great way to have an impromptu cookout with friends - make your own pizzas and plop them on the grill.

Best part: You don't even have to clean the grill! Fastest dinner ever.


  1. Yummm!! What'd you eat for dinner?! - Heidi

    1. I had leftover chicken and some blueberry oatmeal!