Sunday, April 2, 2017

Columbine and A Mother's Reckoning

I chose Columbine by Dave Cullen as my "current events" books in the 2017 reading challenge. Although the event took place in 1999 and the book was published in 2010, school shootings are still a current topic in the news.

This is horrific story in which 15 people died and many others were injured in a Colorado high school on April 20 of that year.

My first question after reading the news was, "How could the parents of these two boys not know that they had guns and bombs in their possession and planned to blow up the school?"

After reading this book and the one that follows, I now understand. Both are books I feel every person should read.

Columbine is very well written and covers all the details leading up to the shootings as well as the aftermath. The book was published 11 years later, so a lot of evidence is recorded that was not in the news. It was very enlightening.

The two boys who were responsible for the murders and their own suicides were Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. In 2016, Dylan's mom published A Mother's Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy. 

You can feel her heart breaking on every page as she tells her family's story and what she knows now about Dylan's state of mind that day through Dylan's diary, talking to other students, and her own research.

I can't recommend these two books enough.

All proceeds of Sue Klebold's book will be donated to research and to charitable organizations focusing on mental health issues.

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