Friday, March 24, 2017

The Elegance Club Take 2

Our girls trip was a chance to get away and smell the flowers. And that's just what Celeste did. By the way, Celeste now pronounces her name like the Dominicans: Sell-es-ta (long a). They all loved her name.

We didn't sleep in. We were up at the crack of dawn walking on the beach. At least Celeste and Gretchen were. Nancy and I slacked off a little in this area.

Like I said - the resort is a nice place to honeymoon.

We had no complaints about the food. Even I was able to find something to eat at every meal. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, chicken and fish. This was lunch one day.

Nancy found something fun to do! Weeee!

Drinks for the beach!

The girls thought this sailboat was made just for me. Is that Marianne in Spanish?

Our Hibachi chef knew two words in English: "Yeah" and "baby" - so that's the only conversation that went on during dinner. He must have said it 20 times. And everyone said it back to him:Yeah baby!

Not sure what to say about this photo.

We played Euchre every night either before dinner, after dinner or both. It was during one of these games that we saw a side of Gretchen we had never seen before. Nancy tried to change the rules of the game, and Gretchn didn't like it one bit!

My directionally-challenged self had a hard time finding its way around the resort. I used this "Elegance Club" as one of my bread crumb markers, and it didn't always pan out. The girls made fun of me more than once.

Caps for sale! This beautiful young lady came by once a day selling hats, scarves and bags, and she carried everything on her body. 

We were sad to leave Punta Cana behind, but back to reality we had to go.

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