Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Elegance Club Take 1

Our girls getaway was just fabulous! Celeste booked our trip through Costco Travel, and we were very happy with the way everything turned out. I would recommend this resort to anyone who wants a nice, relaxing time in the sun. Great for honeymooners.

We stayed at the Majestic Elegance resort in Punta Cana, and we reserved two rooms in the Elegance Club which allows you to have access to adults only beach and pool areas. We don't have anything against kids, but since it was a Spring Break week, we were glad we took that option.

We had one glitch when we first arrived. Instead of giving us 2 rooms with two queen size beds like they were supposed to, they gave us two rooms with one king size bed. We were a little upset, and our butler, Jorge, got the brunt of our disappointment.

We felt bad dumping that on him because he was such a nice guy. But he straightened it all out and gave us Elegance Club hats, and all was fine after that.

The beach was gorgeous, and the weather was perfect except for the occasional downpour on Tuesday, which had us run for cover a couple of times.

Each night we dressed up a little for dinner. Everything was included (food and drinks).

We had a beach buffet BBQ the first night, ate at a French restaurant the second night, and the last night was Hibachi.

Most of our time was spent lounging on the beach.
 Stay tuned for more photos tomorrow.

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  1. Can't wait to see the rest of the photos. Looks divine!