Saturday, March 11, 2017

No More Procrastination

Last year, I read a book by Stephen Guise called Mini Habits. The book was not about procrastination, but it helped me look at achieving goals in a new way. He suggested breaking down a large goal into mini challenges that would get you started. For instance, if you wanted to be able to do 50 push ups, just start with one. Each day, make it your goal to do one push up until you do two. Then make it your goal to do two push ups. His point was to make the goal so ridiculously small that you could not help but achieve it. This would encourage you to move on to the next step.

This concept can be applied to procrastination of items on your to do list. What keeps me from starting a task is realizing I can't do the task in a reasonable amount of time.The result is that I keep moving my task from one day to the next, and it never gets done. It could be the prospect of pain, in the case of: Schedule Mammogram, but more often than not, it is the magnitude of the line item.

An item on my to do list right now is: Print Wedding Photos.  I have pictures to print from Katherine and Josh's wedding, Daniel and Heidi's wedding and Peter and Kendall's wedding. I want to print one nice photo from each wedding and put them somewhere in the house. I keep moving the to do from one day to the next because it is too daunting a task to think about.

So what's the solution? Break it down into mini to do's. Print Wedding Photos is really a project, not a task. If I break it down into small steps and list those on my to do list, I can chip away at it until I can finally cross it off!

Here are the steps as an example:

1.  Decide on the style of photo I want to print from each wedding.
2.  Look through K + J wedding photos and choose one photo to print.
3.  Look through D + H wedding photos and choose one photo to print.
4.  Look through P + K wedding photos and choose one photo to print.
5.  Decide where the photos will be displayed.
6.  Decide how large the photos should be.
7.  Ask Daniel where he gets his photo enlargements printed.
8.  Put photos on jump drive.
9.  Drive to photo shop and have photos printed.
10. Select frames.
11. Put photos in frames.
12. Ask Don to hang the framed photos!

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