Monday, March 13, 2017

A to Z Dating

Daniel and Heidi just finished their first round of A to Z Dating. I think it is a great concept, and I've been trying to convince Don to get on board. A to Z Dating involves a lot of creativity, exploration and fun! That's why I want to do it too.

Each date night has a theme that goes with a letter of the alphabet. For example, if Heidi started with A, she would have to think of a date night that went with the letter A. The next date night would require Daniel to come up with a theme for the letter B. Here are a few sample date nights they came up with. Some of them involved an all-day adventure.

Letter C: A day in Cleveland

Visit to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo to see God's Creation
Shop at Cleveland Clothing Co.
Dinner at Barrio in downtown Cleveland
Visit to the JACK Cleveland Casino

Letter P: Pottery, Puppies & Pizza

Painting Pottery
Petting Puppies at Pet's Pajamas Pet Store
Dinner at Pizza Fire

Letter Z: "Zig Before You Zag"

Dessert first at Peace, Love and Little Donuts in Hudson
Dinner last at Flip Side

Now that they have gone all the way through the alphabet, they are going to begin again. This time, they will they will take opposite letters.

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