Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day

Don brought home some flowers for me today. It was very sweet of him since I was not expecting anything for Valentine's Day.

For him, I made Fajitas for dinner and since I haven't been baking much around here lately, I decided to make one of his favorite cakes - the Triple Chocolate Cake - in the shape of a heart.

Last year I purchased a heart-shaped Bundt pan for $1.00 from Volunteers of America, and I hadn't used it yet. I thought today was the perfect time of try it out.

Unfortunately, I didn't grease the pan enough or it didn't cook through all the way, but part of the cake remained in the pan when I turned it out on the cooling rack.

I knew Don wouldn't care. He began picking cake right off the top. I had to stop him long enough to take the photo of my sad cake.

This is a case of "it's the thought that counts."

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