Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Uniform

Because our church (Parkside Church) is so large, Life Groups meet throughout the month so that people who live near each other in the community can get to know one another. Our Life Group meets twice a month in Chagrin Falls. We socialize and study the Bible together.

One member of our group (Dave - center in blue shirt) comes to Life Group dressed in a white oxford and a pair of jeans every time we meet. It was his birthday on Friday, so our group leaders sent an email to everyone asking us to wear Dave's uniform to play a joke on him. Mostly everyone got the memo and complied.

Unfortunately, Dave decided to wear a blue shirt (his wife in front of him wore pink). He still got a kick out of the prank. He got a little choked up that we would all do this for his birthday.

Don missed out on the fun because he was in Indiana helping Josh and Katherine with some wiring on their house.

To tell you how observant I am, I had never noticed that Dave wore the same outfit every time we met, and we've been attending for five years!

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