Thursday, February 9, 2017

Lunch with the Uncles

Carolyn and I took our uncles (Albert and Danny) to lunch today for their birthdays. Uncle Albert (left) turns 81 on February 26 and Uncle Danny (right) turned 84 on February 6.

These two are our mom's younger brothers. If our mom were still alive, she would be turning 90 on March 2. Unfortunately, she passed away in 1991 at the age of 64.

Uncle Albert is known for his roller skating prowess. He has been roller skating his entire life. When we were kids, he would pick us up in his red convertible and take us to the roller rink and teach us how to roller skate. He has traveled the world competing in roller skating events and races. Amazingly, he had hip replacement surgery four months ago, and he has already been back on his skates.

Uncle Danny enjoys gardening and golfing and carpentry work. He still gets out on the golf course and hits the ball when he can, and he grows all the ingredients for his favorite Lebanese dishes in his garden. He and his wife, Claudia are planning to move to Arizona within a year. We told him he can't go because we will miss him too much. He just laughed.

Appropriately, we ate at the Sahara Grille (a Lebanese restaurant in Canton). I was only an hour and 15 minutes late to our date. (That's a story for another time). Thankfully, they had nothing to do this afternoon, so they waited for me.

Carolyn and I sure treasure times like these.

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  1. What a blessing to spend time with family! We should try to do it again before Uncle Danny moves.