Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Chalk Paint

This is the bookshelf that Peter had in his bedroom from the time he was very small. It is from This End Up, which I believe is now out of business.

I wanted to keep the bookshelf in his old bedroom because you can never have too many bookshelves! But I didn't like the unfinished look.

So I decided to try out Annie Sloan chalk paint today. After talking to my friend Nancy and watching a number of YouTube tutorials, I felt ready to go.

All I had to buy was a quart of paint, a can of wax, and a chalk paint brush. I found an Annie Sloan paint dealer in Stow, and purchased all of my supplies yesterday.

It took me 1 1/2 hours to put the first coat of paint on, and 1 hour to apply the second coat. I only waited a half hour between coats, and that was because my wrist was tired. The paint dries practically on contact. I put the first coat of wax on the shelves and around the edges in about 15 minutes. I plan to apply more wax later.

The color I used was called "Old White."

I really enjoyed this project, and I can't wait to find something else to paint!

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  1. It looks great! I will send you a few things to paint for me :)