Saturday, December 10, 2016

Lake-Effect Snow

This is what is meant by lake-effect snow: If you live in the snow belt, you get belted with snow. My friend Crystal sent me this photo of her patio. They got 32 inches of snow last night in Chesterland.

And here are two pictures Pam sent me. She lives in Concord.

We live 30 minutes south of them, and this is how much snow we got
 - a mere dusting.

I'm not saying we don't get a lot of snow here. We're still in the snow belt. But sometimes, like last night, it misses us.
The first six years of our marriage, we lived in Kirtland which is located 30 minutes north of here, near Chesterland. We got buried in snow every winter.

How does lake-effect snow work in Cleveland? Lake-effect snow is produced when cooler air masses move across long expanses of warmer lake water. This warms up the lower layer of air which picks up water vapor from Lake Erie. The water vapor rises up through the colder air, freezes and comes down as snow. Lots of snow.

That's my meteorological lesson for the day. 

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  1. Wow! Don't show these to Butch or he will want to move into the snow belt. I hope Crystal and Pam had plans to stay in today!