Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Essential Oils

Peter and Kendall gave me a bottle of this Serenity essential oil for Christmas. They were probably tired of me complaining about one more restless night's sleep.

The instructions say to rub a little of this oil on the bottoms of your feet before you get into bed, and you will have a wonderful night's sleep.

Well, I have been doing this since December 12, and I can say that for the past nine days, I have slept like a baby. It's crazy, I know.

How does this work? I don't know if it is the smell or the oil being absorbed into my body. By the time I've fallen asleep, I have forgotten all about putting the oil on my feet, so I don't think it is psychological in nature.

I'm just thankful I am sleeping. I will keep using this for sure!


  1. My sister told me there is an oil to rub on your feet that stops snoring.... I'll look into that before our next trip :-)

    1. That's amazing! Or are you just pulling my leg?