Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Stinky Stink Bugs

I've been battling stink bugs all fall.

First, I would find them while painting in our rental apartment. They pretty much stayed near the windows, and I tried to ignore them, but when I got too close with the paint brush, they would startle me by flying across the room. They are so creepy looking.

One time, I accidentally painted one with white trim paint.

I was very careful not to crush any because I heard that they spray you with their stink. And I sure didn't want that.

Next, I started finding them in my own house. One was on the ceiling in the guest bath for over a week. I didn't use that bathroom for fear that it would fall on my head.

There was one in the master bathroom that I had to catch. I put a cup over it and left it for two weeks. I figured that would kill it.

No. It was still alive when I lifted the cup. Apparently stink bugs don't need food or water to survive.

In a USA Today article from 2015, it reports that stink bugs can live six months without food. So how do you kill them? Fill a spray bottle with a 2% soap to water ratio and spray them.

I would have done that today if I'd had a spray bottle and soap in my car. I had the ultimate stink bug experience.

When I used my finger to roll down my window, there was a stink bug right in the crevice where your finger latches on to the button to roll down the window. Yes, my fingernail dug into a stink bug. Talk about gross!

Fortunately, I was in a parking lot and could stop to open my door and shoo what was left of it out.

I don't know how that bug got into my car, but it better not have invited any friends over.

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