Wednesday, November 2, 2016

St. Helena's Island

Route briefing on the front porch of the Beaufort Inn.

Saddling up for a 27-mile morning ride.

Chapel of Ease - built between 1742 and 1747. It was constructed using Tabby (a concrete made from oyster shells) which gets stronger as it ages.  During the Colonial period, rice and cotton planters constructed small chapels like this one as houses of worship because their plantations were located so far from the churches in Beaufort. A forest fire destroyed most of it in 1886.

We passed lots and lots of debris like this from Hurricane Matthew. It is almost four weeks later, and they are still cleaning up.

More debris from the hurricane

A pretty waterfront scene at Land's End Point.

Taking a "butt break." We basically rode a marathon this morning, and it feels good to just get off the seat once in awhile. I was wearing my Fitbit HR the whole ride. Here are the statistics: 1 hour 2 min. of cardio, 1 hour 50 min. fat burn - based on my heart rate (3 hours 12 min. total ride time). I burned 1,218 calories.

In the afternoon, we had a nice picnic lunch at the Penn Center. Then we toured the Penn Center museum and learned the history of the Gullah culture. This is where former slaves were educated beginning in 1862 during the Union occupation of the Beaufort area.

This evening, we met up with Phil and Barby Cusumano who lived next door to us for 20 years before moving to Beaufort. We had a very nice dinner and then went to their house to watch the first half of World Series game 7.

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