Sunday, November 20, 2016

Bachelor Party

Daniel will be Peter's best man at the wedding, so he took it upon himself to organize a bachelor party which took place last night.

These guys are not what I would consider too wild and crazy. No getting him drunk and hooking a ball and chain around Peter's ankle like Don's brothers and friends did to him at his bachelor's party. These civilized gentlemen went to a Cleveland Chop and had a fine meal.

Then they gave Peter an envelope with some money and took him to the Jack Cleveland Casino where he played a few rounds of Black Jack and Craps. He came home with $50 more than what was in his envelope, so he considered himself a winner.

The most fun part of the night was at our house in the basement where these high school and college friends have hung out before. Fortunately, I was pretty tired last night and didn't hear all the ruckus.

In the morning, Kendall came over and she and Peter made breakfast for the whole gang. It was good to see all these guys again.

Just 33 more days until they say, "I DO!"

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