Saturday, October 29, 2016


Don and I arrived in Charleston around noon today. We had this afternoon and will have tomorrow morning to explore the city before our bike trip begins.

We were excited to see our room at the Ansonborough Inn. We get to stay here three whole nights! I'm actually going to unpack a little.

After grabbing a quick lunch, we walked around in the City Market. Then we decided to take an hour-long carriage ride to learn a little more about Charleston.

The horse behind us pulled our carriage. His name was Bob, and he was a retired Amish farm horse from Lancaster, PA.

My favorite part of the carriage tour was when we went through South of Broad and saw all the beautiful old houses. Tomorrow morning, we are going to walk back down there and get a closer look.

There are many, many churches in Charleston. One of the things we found out on our carriage ride was that a graveyard is always in a church yard. A cemetery is not. Just a little fun fact.

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