Sunday, September 18, 2016

Time to Celebrate

Life With Riley began over six years ago in June of 2010. I had just "retired" from my job as a librarian and I was looking for a creative outlet to write about life.

The blog has become a part of me now. It has replaced the need to journal and scrapbook.

As part of this journey, I began printing blog books every 100 posts or so. I just received my 15th book in the mail yesterday. I'm up to 1,568 blog posts. Who would have thought?

Each book has a different photo of - who else but Riley - on the cover. He doesn't know he's the star of the blog.

And inside each book, every post is printed with photos and text. The all time top page view post is One Day in Paris from the bike trip in 2014. It has 107 page views. In the past month, the most popular post has been A Trip to the Landfill with 25 page views.

I'll pass these books on to my children some day, then after that, an archaeologist will dig them up and find out what life was like with Riley from 2010-20?? It certainly has been colorful.

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