Monday, September 19, 2016

The Wine Mill

On Thursday, Don and I met Daniel and Heidi at The Wine Mill in Peninsula. Daniel tried to tell me that they didn't serve dinner, but I didn't believe him. Turns out they just serve appetizers, desserts, and wine. So that's what we had!

The newlyweds wanted to treat us as a thank you for all we did to help with the wedding, and we wanted to check out the space for a possible rehearsal dinner for Peter and Kendall.

We enjoyed some sliders, cheese dip and salads for starters. Then we made the mistake of ordering dessert.

What you see in this photo is their version of a slice of carrot cake! It is quite the slice, and it comes with an upside down ice cream cone on top as well as strawberries and whipped cream.

The food at the Wine Mill was fabulous! Highly recommend it for a place to meet friends and have good conversation.

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  1. We enjoy the atmosphere there too. Remind me to tell you about our experience with the food