Friday, August 19, 2016


Don thought it would be a good idea for a date night to go to the Paul McCartney concert at the Q. So that's what we did last night. It was so awesome.

Paul McCartney is 74 years old, so I was not expecting much. Boy was I wrong. That man still has spring in his step, and a lot of it. He's still cute too - at least from across the basketball court. We were at the far end. By the end of the night, what little hearing I had left was gone. But it was worth it.

The Q sold out two nights in a row. That means Paul is still quite popular. He sang for 2 1/2 hours straight. Then he came out and did another half hour encore. Amazing.

The two images of Paul on either side are enlarged projections of him. He is really that white speck in the center of the house.

I wasn't that crazy about his newer songs, but when he did the oldies, it was so wonderful. He did a tribute to John Lennon, a tribute to George Harrison, a song for his wife Linda and a song for his current wife Nancy called "Valentine." I loved that one.

I cried a few times because some of the songs brought back memories of my growing up years. What a nice evening! Thanks honey.

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  1. How fun!! Me & Daniel were in Cleveland for date night last night too!!! :) - HJR