Monday, August 8, 2016

That Awkward Stage

We all go through that awkward stage sometime between 5th and 8th grade. It's when bodies are changing, faces are breaking out, hormones are raging, and you tend to put on a few pounds. I was thinking about that awkward stage because the students Peter will be teaching math to are right there.

All my children went through the awkward stage, and I have pictures to prove it. But I want them to talk to me tomorrow, so I won't share those pictures here. Instead, I'll share one of me in my awkward stage. This is a picture of me in sixth grade. It was my first year as a Highland Park Pee-Wee Football cheerleader. My hairstyle hasn't changed much since 1971.
All the girls in this team photo are in that awkward stage (except for Carolyn). I bet you can find her. She's four years from being awkward, and happy to be the mascot for the awkward girls.

I shudder at the memories this photo brings to mind. Oh how I would never want to re-live those years. I'm saying a prayer for Peter as he meets his awkward students on Wednesday.

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  1. You all seemed pretty "cool" and grown up to me! This is another photo that I do not have!