Monday, August 1, 2016

Peter's New Home

It was a long day! We loaded up the U-Haul first thing this morning and drove to Columbus to Peter's new apartment. It is a very nice two-bedroom townhouse. Here are a few photos:

The kitchen is small, but it has a nice breakfast bar that opens up into the dining area. Peter found these three bar stools at a garage sale but they were about four inches too tall for the counter. So Don used his pipe cutter to trim them down to size.

Peter found this small dining table at another garage sale. He didn't want the chairs that went with it. The only chair he has is one he found at yet another garage sale. He and Kendall re-upholstered the seat.

The living room is very spacious, especially since the only furniture is these two couches and my craft lamp that I let Peter borrow.

Our family room is missing the two couches.

There are two bedrooms upstairs. Peter set his bed up in the smaller bedroom because he and Kendall plan on making a queen size bed for the master bedroom.

The master bedroom is where we dumped all of Peter's clothes and extra stuff until he can put them away.

After we helped him get his apartment set up, we went to his classroom at Worthington Christian. He is all ready to start teaching!


  1. Wow it looks so nice! I can't believe he's a real adult now!

  2. Great place! Don is certainly handy with those tools! How long do you have to sit on the floor? lol