Thursday, August 25, 2016

Not So Secret Life of Bees

I'm a bee watcher. I can't help it, because they terrify me.

It's sad, but whenever I sit outside on the deck or on the front porch, I'm always aware of the bees.

I watch where the bees fly, and I find their nests. Right now, there is a nest inside our grill. A few weeks ago, there was a nest under the shelf on our grill. There is also a nest in one of our bird feeders. And one in the fence railing around our pool.

I was surprised the other day to find a bee inside my watering can. I thought the bee had drowned, but the next thing I knew, it flew out. Then it flew back again, sat on the water and flew out. I followed it, and it was one of the bees in the pool fence. It was getting drinks of water. Or maybe taking water back to make mud for the nest. I did not know bees could swim.

I'm getting better at letting bees fly around me. I used to have to wear ear buds when I sat outside because of my bee buzz phobia. And before that I could barely stand to sit outside in the summer.

The more I learn about bees, the more I feel safe around them. I can't say I'm cured because my worst nightmare is still being chased by an angry swarm.


  1. That is actually a WASP. Bees are fuzzy. We have quite a few nests around our house this year too!

    1. I lump them all in the category of bee if they sting.