Saturday, August 27, 2016

A Trip to the Landfill

Random Landfill in Iowa looks suspiciously like the landfill in Indiana
I think this is one of those "you had to be there" stories, but I'll tell it anyway.

Sometimes Don asks me to do things I really don't want to do. He asks in a way that makes me feel bad if I don't put my big girl pants on and do it.

Yesterday, he wanted me to go to a landfill with Katherine to drop off the junk from the basement of the house she and Josh bought. Normally, Don would do the dirty work, but he had other projects on his mind, and he only had 24 hours to get them done.

Going to the landfill involved carrying all the junk from the basement upstairs, loading it into an 8 ft. x 5 ft. U-Haul trailer which was attached to his car, driving the car with the trailer 30 minutes to the landfill and unloading the junk.  And Josh was going to meet us there when he got off work. How hard could that be?

It took us an hour to load the U-Haul. I was afraid to drive the car/trailer, but Katherine was willing. On the way to the landfill we joked at how bad we both looked being all sweaty and dirty, but we were going to the landfill, so we didn't need to worry about running into anyone.

We arrived at the landfill, and Josh wasn't there, so we proceeded without him. Katherine, bless her heart for driving, drove our load up onto the weigh scale and signed our lives away. The lady at the window gave us hard hats and safety vests to wear so we wouldn't get run over. She pointed to the small mountain in the distance and told us to drive up there by the fence and unload.

Not knowing any better, we began our trek. There was no turning back because it's not easy to back up a car towing a trailer. Besides that, a truck towing his own trailer was right behind us.

Up we went. And up again. And up some more. It was kind of distracting for Katherine because I kept screaming, "what in the world?"

When we reached the summit, the guy behind us pulled up next to us. Katherine rolled down her window, and the most awful stench immediately filled the car. I looked ahead and saw several thousand birds (vulture-like) flying in circles and standing on mounds of garbage. Huge bulldozers were moving the piles around and huge garbage trucks were coming up the hill behind us.

The man in the truck looked at us and said, "What are you doing up here in a BMW?" I thought there were better questions than that. We told him what the lady said. He shook his head and told us to go back down the mountain and dump our garbage at the "courtesy wall."

SO we went back down and talked to the lady again, thinking we had misunderstood her. She said, "NO...that man is just a customer...he doesn't know our policies...All trailers are required to dump their stuff up there..."

We called Josh.

Josh arrived five minutes later, and we headed back up to the landfill. Josh drove this time. I was in the back seat closing my eyes and repeating the words, "I'm going to kill my husband."

We got about halfway up and a man in a garbage truck pulled up beside us and said, "What are you doing up here?" We told him our sad story. He told us we shouldn't be up here and to go down and use the "courtesy wall."

Long story short, we figured out what the courtesy wall was. You pull up and throw your stuff over this wall into a dumpster. An hour after we had arrived, that is what we did.

When we returned our hard hats and safety vests to the not-so-nice lady at the window, she apologized profusely. I think the garbage truck man scolded her for sending us up there.

Don can go to the landfill next time.


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  2. What an adventure we had!! Love you mom :-) -Katherine

    1. I'm glad you were with me! I love you too :)