Saturday, July 9, 2016

Rental Property Progress

You may recall that we bought this house in Cuyahoga Falls in the spring and began working to convert it into a duplex rental home. This is the before photo of the front outside.

After a new roof, new siding and new windows, the house looks so much better! Also notice that there are two front doors now. One door leads to the downstairs apartment and the other door leads to the upstairs apartment.

So far, we have two rooms in the downstairs apartment completely finished. This is the living room before photo.

And this is the living room after photo. I didn't get the same angle, but you can see that a new wood floor and some fresh white woodwork plus a light color on the walls makes a huge difference.

This is the downstairs bedroom. It was really another living area before.

We put carpet down and painted the entire room. It sure brightens it up!

Our downstairs renters are getting married the same day as Daniel and Heidi. They plan to move into the apartment after their honeymoon. This means we have two more weeks to finish the kitchen, bathroom and foyer. Those photos will be forthcoming.


  1. Richard's Properties employees are doing an awesome job!

  2. Turning the property into a duplex seems like a fantastic idea for a rental property! I really like how it is turning out. The pictures you posted really show good progress on the renovations. I think your tenants are going to be really happy to move in there once they get back from their honeymoon!