Sunday, July 31, 2016

My Last Chick is Leaving

Peter is packing up his room and heading to Columbus tomorrow. His first day of class teaching Middle School math is August 10.

All his stuff from his room and the basement, and those things of his that are scattered around the house, will be carted to Columbus in a U-Haul in the morning.

As I glanced at the piles on the floor in his room, I noticed the remaining four bottles of Hershey's chocolate syrup Mrs. Engle gave him for a high school graduation gift.

She gave him a basket with 20 bottles of Hershey's syrup (sort of as a gag gift) since he drank so much chocolate milk in high school. He's down to four bottles, and they are going with him. Even though the expiration date says 2013.

I'm trying not to cry each time I pass his room. He's my last chick, and he's leaving my feathered nest.

I've learned from the first two that I will still see him, even on a regular basis. This doesn't mean "good-bye", just "farewell" until we see each other again. Which will probably be next weekend!


  1. Somehow the chocolate syrup is not making me cry like that last little lego in Daniel's closet, lol. But it's still hard to believe Peter is moving out and getting married!!