Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Holding it Together

I've been preparing myself for the moments during Daniel's wedding where I might likely cry. If I cry, my mascara will run down my face, and I will look bad in the pictures. Besides that, it might turn into an uncontrollable, sobbing cry that will disrupt the wedding.

At Katherine's wedding, I cried two times.

The first time was when Daniel and Peter escorted me to my seat.

And the second time was during the Father/Daughter dance.

I was very proud of myself for holding it together otherwise. It was a very emotional day.

So for Daniel's wedding, I've been crying ahead of time so I won't have to cry at the wedding. I imagine things like Heidi walking down the aisle and the look in Daniel's eyes and I tear up. I imagine the Mother/Son dance, and I go ahead and sob now so I won't have to do it later.

I also typed "how to keep yourself from crying" into a Google search for advice. Here are several tips I might try: push your tongue against the roof of your mouth, wiggle your toes to distract yourself, take deep breaths, think of a happy song, or stare at a point out in the distance.

I'll do my best.