Friday, June 24, 2016

Walking Riley

I took this photo in the fall when I was experimenting with self-portraits on my iPhone.

Riley loves walks more than just about anything. The only thing better than a walk would be food.

Riley is a "marker." By that, I mean he has to pee every few feet to show other dogs he has been on his walk. He usually runs out of pee part way through the walk. But that doesn't stop him from trying.

One bad habit Riley has on his walk is lunging at passing cars. He must think cars are big dogs because he always pees right after they go by.

Riley ignores dogs who bark at us from behind invisible fences. Somehow he knows they are not a threat. But if a dog on a leash comes toward us he becomes very vicious. This is probably due to his run-in with Branson back in 2011.

The funniest thing Riley does on a walk happens when he approaches our driveway. He does not want to turn in and end our walk, so he pins his ears back and pulls me as hard has he can past our driveway in hopes of extending his fun. Once in awhile I'll let him win.

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