Tuesday, June 7, 2016


We really should have know that Riley would be trouble. The day we met him, he was in a playpen at the breeder's house, and he did not stop jumping from the time we got there until the time we left.

Another clue was that the breeder had named him Tigger.

We changed his name to Riley, but that did not take the bounce out of him. Especially when food was involved.

My niece, Laura, sent this photo to me last night. She was looking through old photos and found it. I believe Carolyn was dog sitting for us at the time and they were having a cookout. Riley was interested in the watermelon.

While we were on our most recent trip, Riley got in trouble at Jake's house. Becky had purchased a container of chocolate-covered almonds for her son TJ and had set them on the dining room table for when he came over. She didn't think twice about them.

But Riley did. The minute he was left in the house alone with Jake, he found a way to get on the dining room table and open the container of Trader Joe's almonds.

Of course, he ate the entire package and then commenced to throw up for 24 hours. When will he learn? Most likely...never.


  1. The funniest part is that he waits until you leave to get into the goods. That takes some serious self-control!

    1. He doesn't like getting in trouble. That's why he waits.