Monday, June 13, 2016

Shelter From the Storm

My friend Becky Peterson gave me this hanging plant when she came to stay with me in May. We originally hung it from a hook on the front porch for a few days, and when Don moved it to the plant hanger, we noticed a bird had built a nest in it.

We figured by moving the plant, the bird would not find its nest.I checked each time I watered it, and I did not see a bird.

I didn't make arrangements for the plant to be watered while we were on our 12-day trip, so  I figured it would be completely dead by the time we returned home. I guess our landscaper felt sorry for it and watered it because it was thriving on June 1 when we got back.

It hasn't seemed like it needed any water until today (12 days later!). No wonder my plants die. So I decided to water the poor thing, and when I peeked inside, a little bird flew out and revealed a nest of four eggs.

I don't want to water the bird's nest. So except for rain water, the plant will have to wait until the chicks hatch and fly away.

1 comment:

  1. sweet! I wonder what kind of bird's nest it is?