Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Our Waterbed

Our first bed was a waterbed from Don's bachelor pad.

It was a king size bed with one big, floppy rubber mattress that held 235 gallons of water. The weight of the bed was 2,000 pounds.

It was kind of fun rolling around on that great big, sloshy bed. And it was heated too-- so in the winter you could make it warm and in the summer you could make it cool.

When we moved from our house in Kirtland to our house in Bainbridge, we had to drain the bed. Don got the siphon going before he went to work, and I was supposed to keep an eye on the hose that was draped over the bathroom tub.

All was fine until I decided to give the kids a bath. The water seemed to have stopped flowing through the hose, so I tossed it out into the the hallway while I let the kids spend some leisurely time in the tub. To my horror, I realized the hose had been draining out in the hall the whole time, flooding our newly sold ranch home.

I thought the waterbed was great until I was six months pregnant with my first child. That's when getting out of bed in the morning started to become difficult. My pregnant belly made it hard to roll over the edge. I made it through that pregnancy and actually, one more.

But Peter was born in July, and Peter was a big baby. So no matter how low I turned the temperature on that bed, I could not get cool enough, and it was impossible to roll out after my eighth month. I had to sleep in the guest room.

After Peter was born, we decided it was time to move on to a conventional bed. We said good-bye to our 2,000 pound waterbed and bought the  king size sleigh bed that we sleep in today.

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