Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Our New Carpet

I learned something new this week: dog poop cleans up from carpet a lot better if you let it dry first.

Why did I need to learn this? Because we got new carpet a couple of weeks ago, and Riley, who has never, ever pooped in the house, pooped on our carpet. Not once, but twice.

Some might say he was initiating it...making it his own. But even though he is a "marker" this is not was he was doing.

Both incidents happened in the middle of the night when he couldn't wake us up from a dead sleep. He had an urgent need to go.

Why did he have an urgent need to go? Well,  he just might have gotten into a bag of chocolate animal crackers left over from Daniel's bachelor party which he found in Peter's backpack on the floor in his bedroom. And he might also have gotten into a trash bag that was on the counter in the guest bath instead of hanging on the high hook in my bedroom. That dog!

So when we first saw the poop on our fresh new carpet, our hearts were heavy and we screamed. I didn't want to clean it up without doing it correctly because our last carpet had a forever urine stain that grew exponentially every time we tried to get it out. That stain came from Don's brother's dog just weeks after we got the old carpet.

So I called the store where we bought the carpet and asked them what to do. The very nice man told me to "let it dry first" and then clean it up and scrape off the crumbs. After all the dry material was lifted, I should use a white rag with warm water and some clear dish soap to wipe the carpet clean.

The "let it dry first" part was an epiphany. I had never thought of that. It made a huge difference because there was no smearing and spreading of the poop.

Sorry if you are grossed out by this blog post, but just in case you are in this precarious situation in the future, take my advice and let it dry. You will thank me.