Thursday, June 16, 2016

All In

On May 17, the VCA board meeting was held in a suite at one of the early Cavs playoff games. You don't know how guilty I felt for being there, taking up a precious seat.

I hadn't watched a Cavs game all year, and I only knew the name of one player on the team - LeBron James. I felt like an impostor wearing a CAVS shirt and everything.

But I was invited, so I went.

Throughout the rest of the series, I have tried my best to stay up for a whole game. Why do those Golden State Warriors have to live two time zones away?

Tonight, the Cavs are in game six of the final series, and I'm all excited about it. You can call me a fair weather fan. You can call me whatever you want (I have control of the comments).

I'm going to watch every last second of the game! Go Cavs. I'm all in.

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