Monday, May 16, 2016

Tidying Up

I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo last year. While I thought some of her practices were a little strange (like thanking your dishes for serving you well before donating them to Goodwill), her method of de-cluttering made sense to me.

Rather than organizing your home by area (kitchen, then living room then bedroom, etc.), she recommends organizing your things by category. This way you can see how much you have in the way of white shirts or serving spoons.

What you are supposed to do is gather all of one category (books, for instance) in one spot. Then you can better determine which ones you really want to keep. If you have books in your kitchen and books in your study and books in your bedroom, you will think you don't have very many books. But if you put all of your books in a pile in your living room, you would gasp. At least I would.

I came back to the Kon-Marie method of organizing today after Peter moved home from his dorm room after graduation, bringing with him more clothes than I thought he could possibly own. I've been doing laundry and sorting clothes all day. It wouldn't be so bad if that were all the clothes he had, but his bedroom and Daniel's old room also contained more of his clothes.

 I used the bed in Katherine's room to make piles of his polos, sweatshirts, tank tops and swimsuits.
 I used the beds in Daniel's room to make piles of his pants, shorts and short sleeve button downs
I left the dress shirts and t-shirts hanging in his closet.

I found 44 t-shirts, 22 ties, 25 pairs of shorts, 24 sweatshirts, 16 long sleeve t-shirts, and 69 pairs of socks. That's not counting pants, sweaters, underwear and other things.

How could this pile up happen? We'll never know.

But I'm hoping before he moves into his apartment in July he will be able to let go of three-fourths of his wardrobe. It will be life changing for sure.

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  1. ...and we bought him more socks a few weeks ago? hahaha!
    Do you guys have a Platos Closet nearby? They pay cash on the spot for name-brand used clothes :)