Monday, May 23, 2016

The Vatican and Setting Sail

Day two in Rome was a mad dash to the Vatican Museum. We were part of a very slow tour that we skipped out on around 11:30. Then we quickly finished looking around and ended up in the Sistine Chapel. It was very pretty, but the room was quite crowded. Fire fighters would not have liked it.

This photo is in the open courtyard. Thousands of chairs were set up, so I'm guessing the pope will be addressing the multitudes sometime in the near future.

We made it to the port in time to embark on The Jewel of the Seas. After the muster drill, we set sail. Unfortunately, there have been 8 foot waves all around us ever since. I've taken Dramamine and put my sea bands on my wrists. So far I haven't needed the barf bags the crew has strategically placed around the ship.

The internet connection is very slow so I'm only posting one photo today. Hoping tomorrow will bring calm seas and sunshine when we stop in Sicily.

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