Saturday, May 28, 2016


We woke up this morning back in Greece. This time in Santorini, a Greek Island that is a flooded caldera (a collapsed volcanic crater). Around 1630 B.C., the volcano exploded 24 cubic miles of volcanic material. The whitewashed buildings similar to those in Mykonos are located high up on tectonic plates.
We took a bus ride to the city of Oia (pronounced EE-ah). The views were spectacular. As recently as 1956, this town was in ruins from an earthquake. With the history of volcanoes and earthquakes around here, I wondered if we would have any warning if one were to happen again anytime soon.

After visiting Oia and the town of Fira and eating lunch in a café overlooking all this gorgeous water, we stood in line for an hour to ride the cable car back down to sea level. There, a small Tender boat shuttled us back to the ship.

The side of our ship is on the left. I took this photo just before re-boarding.
Our ship - Jewel of the Seas (Royal Caribbean)