Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hosting Pastors

For the past 17 years, our church has held a conference for pastors, missionaries, ministry leaders and those training for such roles.  It is a three-day event in which people come from all over the country and some from outside of the U.S.

One of the services the church offers if free lodging to those who would prefer stay in someone's home rather than a hotel. In order to provide this service, members of the church need to volunteer to host conference goers for the three days. We don't have to provide meals - the church does that. We just have to provide beds and bathrooms.

Don and I decided four years ago that this is something we could do. We have room for lots of guests and our house is about 2 miles from the church. Couldn't be more convenient. Last year we had seven men stay with us. This year we have four.

The group visiting this year came with ten guys. Six of them are staying in another home. Their church is in Sweetser, Indiana which, I found out, is located 15 minutes from Katherine and Josh. One of the young men works at the Starbucks in Marion and knows one of Katherine & Josh's good friends. It truly is a small world.

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