Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Put a Sock in It

Have you ever slept with a sock in your mouth? A clean sock? I was reminded the other day that I had. It was all Don's idea.

He was just trying to help like husbands do. I had an infected root canal and we were thousands of miles from home.

I can't blame Don for the sock. It was all my fault for getting the root canal three days before our first bike trip to the Czech Republic. I should have waited. I thought it was risky to possibly have to get the root canal in Prague.

So when my tooth started killing me, I cried because it kept me up all night. And I had to bike the next day. The reason it was hurting so much was because I was clamping down on it in my sleep.

This is where Don's genius came into play. If I put a sock in my mouth, I couldn't close my mouth. Makes sense. Good thing I don't have a sensitive gag reflex.

The sock trick worked for the most part, but it didn't clear up the infection. For that I needed an antibiotic. Fortunately, I had one with me because I was a Girl Scout.

After several nights sleeping with a sock in my mouth, I was feeling much better and could get on with my life. Who was it that said, "Necessity is the mother of invention?"

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  1. Remind me never to ask Don for medical advice!