Friday, April 1, 2016

House #5

This is the newest house Don purchased to renovate. It kind of looks like a house Hollywood could use for a spooky movie.

What is nice about this house is that there are two rooms with bay windows upstairs and two rooms with bay windows downstairs.

The house is currently a single family set up, but Don plans to convert it into a duplex. He will be adding a front door where the front window is. That door will have an entry that goes right up the stairs. We plan to leave the built in seat in the downstairs apartment's foyer.

Here are some of the before pictures (but they are after Don and Peter ripped out the kitchen cabinets). This is the downstairs kitchen.

This will be the upstairs kitchen. it is difficult to get a photo of the entire room.

Another claw foot tub that has to be sold on Craigslist came with the downstairs bathroom.

Every inch of this house has to be painted, so guess what I will be doing this summer. Look for "after" photos in September.

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  1. I just love these old houses! That entry bench is so great!