Friday, April 8, 2016

Carolyn Takes Flight

It took a sisters weekend in Naples, Florida to finally get Carolyn on a plane. And it was my privilege to be her escort on her first flight. She looks calm in the photo, but as expected, she was a bundle of nerves.

I let Carolyn have the aisle seat, I was in the middle, and Jeff had the window. But who is Jeff?

This is Jeff. He was our seat mate. I think he enjoyed Carolyn's first flight more than we did. He was much needed comic relief and a very nice guy who kept offering her the window seat. We will see Jeff again because we realized that he is sitting next to us on our return flight Monday night!
With sea bands on her wrists and a pharmacy of drugs in her purse, Carolyn was all set for this adventure.

Takeoff was the most stressful part of the trip. Carolyn had a death grip on my right hand during the 15 minute ascent. When she let go of my hand, it took awhile to uncurl my thumb and fingers. She made it to cruising altitude before she broke into her anxiety pills and took one half. It seemed to calm her down.

Halfway though the trip, I stopped a flight attendant in the aisle and asked her if she had any of those plastic pins shaped like wings. I told her it was Carolyn's first flight. She didn't have any pins, but she gave Carolyn a different prize. A cookie called Stroopwafels.

I made Carolyn get up and use the bathroom just for the experience. She walked to the front of the plane, and when she got there, the same flight attendant got on the speaker and announced that we had a celebrity on board and her name was Carolyn and it was her first flight [applause].

Just as we approached Fort Meyers airport, Jeff leaned in to tell Carolyn that if she were driving, she would just be leaving Ohio. Carolyn responded, "Yeah! I totally get why people do this." And I sure hope she will do it again - like on Monday.

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